Hatchy Pocket Roadmap 2021

2 min readJun 22, 2021

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for the warm reception and positive feedback we received, we were searching for the blockchain home of Hatchy Pocket, and were very highly recommended Avalanche for the community as much as the tech. We feel very blessed and grateful to be welcomed to Avalanche.

We are a small team of game designers, artists and engineers trying to utilize our knowledge and experience from years of professional development in the mobile gaming world, to create a unique and compelling digital experience that unifies all the greatest attractions of a collectable series


Aside from the marketplace due soon, the roadmap is broken down into 3 main components, laying the foundation in the Hatchy Pocket economy and in turn, the future ecosystem.

Hatchy Pocket Roadmap 2021

Token currency

  • The Hatchy Token currency will be created and act as the base resource in the ecosystem
  • A small portion will be kept for funding development and marketing, the remainder will be faucetted exclusively to Hatchy NFT holders through staking


We want staking to be fun, engaging and most importantly rewarding! The feature is designed to generously reward every supporter, especially the collectors, the hoarders and the completionists among us!

  • Gamified staking mechanism with bonuses for completing sets
  • Inclusive structure avoids arbitrarily affecting values of any collectable through game design
  • Simple rewarding economy rewards owners for HODLing their collection and gives further access to the Hatchy experience and ecosystem, starting with the Gen 2 Eggs!

Generation 2 Eggs

We have a big vision for the Gen 2 collection, we hope to encourage greater adoption with the series through this stage with a more enchanting and nostalgic experience.
We’ve still got some secrets we want to keep but you can expect:

  • All new epic monster designs to expand the Hatchy universe!
  • Bigger collection with more monsters!
  • Larger mint and more sets, in preparation for the community to expand, along with the greater Avalanche & blockchain ecosystems!
  • Same super rare odds across Common and Shiny cards!
  • Designed to provide and fuel value for the token economy, by allowing stakers to dictate the gen 2 cost to new users.

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement, we know we still have room to grow and are working to develop and improve everyday,

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