Hatchyverse Builder Spotlight — Unveiling the Minds Behind Hatchy Rampage

6 min readFeb 9, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of media and gaming, Hatchyverse emerges as a beacon of change, challenging conventional notions of intellectual property (IP) and corporate structures. This thriving ecosystem, powered by decentralized IP, heralds a new era of transparency, collaboration, and community-driven creativity.

Today, the Hatchyverse celebrates the release of its first game: Hatchy Rampage, a thrilling Roguelite survival RPG available on mobile (iOS + Android). Hatchy Rampage challenges players’ skills as they battle through hordes of elemental monsters, navigate treacherous environments, and face-off against powerful bosses. Let’s shine the spotlight on Pariah, David, and Sol — three key members of the development team (of about 6), to gain insights into their inspirations and the challenges of steering the development of Hatchy Rampage. For those who want to jump and start playing the links to the beta version for the Play and App stores are below:

Android Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LibertyLabs.HatchyRampage

iOS Testflight link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/FPHPdI0s

Hatchy Rampage: How it All Started

According to Sol, the co-founder and team lead for Hatchyverse, the motivation behind selecting the survivor genre for the first Hatchy game was driven by the effectiveness of the style and fun mechanics: “The survivors style is a relatively new model which has been really effective, it has some mechanics that make them really addictive and ultimately we want to make experiences that are engaging and retain players in our ecosystem. We believed we could add a twist with the monsters in our universe while also giving us an opportunity to focus on the development of the monsters in 3d as game ready assets we can share or use again as we move towards the MMO we are building.”

Pariah, a seasoned game developer with five years of experience, has been a driving force since the development of Rampage began in 2022. His passion for RPGs and storytelling, inspired by classics like “The Legend of Zelda,” “Celeste,” and “Terraria,” shines through. Pariah shares, “The most rewarding aspect of game development is getting to create everything you love.”

David is a software engineer turned game developer joined the Rampage team earlier this year. His efforts have helped to resolve development issues and bring polish to the game. “My favorite aspect of this kind of game is that it combines roll and chance in a fun and challenging way, you feel the progress while you have fun.” David’s favorite games include Final Fantasy IV & IX, and The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

Hatchy Rampage: Game Design Challenges & Community Input

The first version of Rampage was released for community testing in October 2022 to members of the Hatchy Discord. Over the last 15 months, there have been several feedback/release iterations, with the game changing and improving each time. Sol emphasizes the value of community input, stating, “The community has been integral in helping us access important data we need to make the best games. Providing feedback and giving us access to their analytics has allowed us to refine our game at very little cost and best prepare it for its full launch.”

Early Test Footage from the Hatchy Community Member Jomari (working title was Hatchy Survivor)

David sheds light on the challenges associated with game design, noting that “the game should feel challenging but not impossible, each variable that we change in the game drastically effect the experience, making those adjustments directly changes the satisfaction of the achievement, competition, challenge and reward — this is not a simple task.” Sol adds, “There are a lot of emergent behaviors that can pop up as players mess with upgrades and weapon selections, making this kind of game highly variable and a bit difficult to balance without significant data.” The most challenging part of game design, according to Pariah, is the culmination — “Finishing it.”

When asked about what was unexpected in this development journey, Sol said: “Rampage is one of our first titles and one of the first associations our target audience will have with our decentralized IP, playing a role in attracting users and developers. Considering the potential impact, we have been focused on making the experience as unique and memorable as possible, adding to our development time going a little over what we initially estimated to get the game to its current condition.”

Building with Hatchyverse IP

Amidst the challenges, the joy of creating everything one loves shines through. Pariah notes the freedom to create what you dream is the best part of the game design process. David echoes this sentiment, “For me, without a doubt, creating, in any aspect of life, is the most inspiring thing there is, and games give a unique freedom to do this. But what I like the most is the character design and game mechanics.”

Reflecting on building with Hatchyverse game assets and IP, Pariah notes the attraction lies in its versatility across different game types, fostering a team environment crucial for project development. David emphasizes the potential of NFTs, stating, “What I like most is that NFTs can be used in multiple games, which means that digital assets can transcend a single game and have value in multiple environments.” Below is an example of this vision realized, with the ERC-721 Gen1 Solarion followed by the game version of Solarion. As the Hatchyverse expand we’ll see more and more of these characters brought to life.

Gen 1 Hatchy Solarion (NFT card)
Solarion in-game character

David shares his plans for another fun game, “I want to create a minigame of elemental cards, simple and small enough to be a minigame of other games. With Hatchy, I see it more and more possible.”

Hatchy Rampage: A Mobile Adventure Unveiled

For players ready to embark on a mobile gaming adventure, Hatchy Rampage (beta) awaits in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This thrilling roguelite survival RPG game with minimalist gameplay immerses players in a bullet-hell experience within a decentralized IP ecosystem utilizing HatchyPocket assets.

Blazeo is Cooking

Roguelite elements ensure that each playthrough is different and meaningful. Sol emphasizes, “It’s a relatively simple game from a distance, though there is a lot of mechanics and content even in this early stage, currently with the full roster of Gen 1 hatchies (40 monsters) armed with more than 10 unique skills per element. Rampage should give greater insight into the potential of decentralized IP, as all the content we’ve had to painstakingly produce until now is made available publicly for devs to save the time we had to spend, both in production and in user acquisition as we start to see a greater number of players enter our brand.”

In conclusion, the team behind Hatchy Rampage is not merely creating a game; they are shaping an experience within the expansive Hatchyverse. As players embark on this journey, the Hatchy Rampage team invites them to explore the fusion of fun, creativity, and innovation that are pillars of the decentralized world of Hatchyverse.

Download Hatchy Rampage for Android and iOS now!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LibertyLabs.HatchyRampage
iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/FPHPdI0s

Learn more about the Hatchyverse and Decentralized IP: https://www.hatchyverse.com/




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