Hello, Hatchyverse!

4 min readSep 9, 2022

Thank you to all the active and engaged community, for being patient with us as we finalized the last bit of the release,

New Website

We are excited to share a massive release starting with a new website for Hatchy Pocket

Get ready!

The new website comes with massive set of new features, outlined below:

Testnet vs mainnet

We are launching into test net and making all our contracts and repos public

We will be organizing rewards for engagement + bounties for any bugs or improvement suggestions/feedback — so get involved now and be sure to send your feedback through!

you can reach the new website at:

Hatchy Pocket Decentralized IP Token

The Hatchy Decentralized IP is officially here with its own token and the future of HatchyPocket is yours!

hatchy pocket decentralized monsters logo

The Hatchy decentralized media IP has already been made available to the community and now we are officially handing the ownership of the IP to the $HATCHY token holders

hatchy pocket $HATCHY currency logo

Currency Info

Name: HatchyPocket DAO Token
Ticker: $HATCHY
Max supply: 1 billion ( 1,000,000,000)
Token standard: ERC20
Decimals: 18


Staking: 60%
Team Reserve: 24%
Avax Wider Drop: 8%
Marketing Reserve: 4%
Community Drop: 4%

Hatchy Commercial rights & fees

Hatchy pocket is extremely easy to use, non-commercial usage is free and any commercial usage is subject to a simple 10% fee on earnings, imposed only after a generous 300k USD per year of earnings

The token holders will have exclusive rights to govern on any $HATCHY or Hatchy IP-related issue and can revoke usage rights if desired by the community, decided by a DAO vote

IP assets:

To help kick off the IP we will be providing access to a growing library of creative asset files, ranging from concepts to game-ready assets, that anyone can use to create their own Hatchy experience

Hatchy Pocket NFT staking Release

Hatchy card NFTs can be staked to earn Hatchy token currency

The one-of-a-kind Hatchy staking system rewards users bonuses for completing sets or the entire collection

  • Any card can be staked based on the weight table below
  • Weights rewarded by rarity
  • Bonus weights rewarded for Elemental Sets Completion
  • Bonus weights rewarded for each Collection completion
  • Rewards are distributed at a rate of Rewards can be collected at anytime
  • + referral bonus reward system — more below

Staking weight table

staking weight table, common card 1000, shiny card 20000, elemental set 20000, shiny elemental set 400000, entire collection 400000, shiny collection 8000000


  • Celestion is considered a secret void set and is calculated at shiny + shiny set i.e 420,000,
  • Celestion is not necessary to complete the shiny collection

Gen 2 Release

A massive collection of over 100+ new monsters across 2 eggs, exclusively available through purchase with $HATCHY currency

All monsters are generated completely on-chain during hatching!

And Gen 2 can also be staked along with the rest of your gen 1 collection

3 hatchy eggs, rainbow, lunar and solar eggs

Gen 2 info

107 new Hatchies, made up of:
23 Fire, Water, and Plant
14 Light and Dark
4 Void

500,000 total NFTs
5000 common sets
140 Shiny Sets

Ecosystem Account system

Earn rewards for sharing Hatchy with friends!

Engagement reward system built in to promote ecosystem growth and rewards users for engaging with or promoting the Hatchy ecosystem

  • Referral system — refer your friends or followers and earn
  • Affiliate rewards — earn rewards when your referrals engage with the Hatchy ecosystem
  • Rewards on referrals mints— 10% commission on all gen 2 claimed
  • Rewards on referral staking — 5% total referral weight added as a bonus

Community Developments

Anyone can use and expand Hatchy Pocket, below are some of the community projects popping up, please support community projects and dev teams.

Hatchy Game Projects coming soon

Party Moba — battle your friends in epic MOBA battles
roguelike survival shooter — level your Hatchy to survive enemy hordes!

Hatchy merchandise stores


— Remember Hatchy is free to use! what will you make?

Community Growth

Get involved with the Hatchy community




official medium of the Hatchy Pocket collectables NFT on Avalanche